Counting The Cost Of Denture Repair

Counting The Cost Of Denture Repair

It certainly makes sense that anyone would want to minimize the cost of dentures, but it’s important to consider the long-term costs as well as the usability and appearance you might hope to achieve.

If opting for dentures, consider that dentures:

·slip around and can fall out

·do not look or feel natural

·make patients struggle to manage a wide variety of foods

·do not maintain a healthy jawbone

· require repeat expenses, such as overnight soaking solutions, anesthetic gels, storage containers, and adhesive strips,

·can harbor food and bacteria, leading to “denture halitosis,”

·require frequent refitting, so patients are regularly spending money on their replacement teeth.

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The fact is dentures simply don’t offer the functionality and comfort that the modern alternative, dental implants, do.

And yet, patients still choose dentures as their teeth replacement solution, allowing a concern for the cost to take center stage in the decision making process.

Dental implants are a far more sophisticated, comfortable, functional, aesthetic and long-lasting solution to excessive tooth loss.

They are also more cost effective in the long run.

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