7 Most Extreme Ski Hills to Hit this Winter

Skiing is definitely a sport not for the faint hearted. Those who love it describe it as exhilarating, amazing and even terrifying. It is so popular that it’s a much anticipated event in every Winter Olympic games since 1936. Where can you go to enjoy the most extreme ski slopes this winter? Here are 7┬ámost extreme ski hills to hit this winter.

La Grave:

Found in the Southern Eastern part of France, La Grave earned its name from the high probability of dying on its terrain. There are no ski patrols and no mapped out runs on this slopes. Some of its vertical drops are nearly 7000 feet and you would need climbing gear to scale the slopes.

The Crested Butte Mountain resort:

Fondly referred to by skiers as Body Bag, the slopes on this mountain resort in Colorado drop down 275 feet at a 55 degree angle. As if this steep gradient is not enough, the slope has vegetation and loose snow. It is regarded as one of the steepest slopes in North America.

The Harakiri:

The Harakiri in Austria sounds suicidal and is only scaled by extreme skiers. This is because it is one of the steepest slopes in the world. Most people trying to ski down this slope have specialized gear because of its has a fearful incline of 78 percent.

The El Colorado:

The El Colorado is found in Chile. Although it has ski trails, you can easily lose your way. With a vertical drop of 2,791 feet and trails that are winding, most skiers carry hiking gear just in case they get lost.

The Delirium Dive:

The delirium dive in Canada is a run where skiers pass through an avalanche prone tight space. Because of this, they have built an avalanche gate just in case you may need to outrun an avalanche. ┬áHere’s a video so you can see how vicious this run really is.

The Streif:

The Streif is another Austrian ski slope that has a terrifying drop. Looking down from the summit you will be staring 5,462 feet down. Because of the steep gradient, skiers gather speed quickly. You can reach speeds of over 80 miles per hour.

Crystal Mountain Ski Resort:

Home to the Silver King runs, the Crystal Mountain Ski resort has some of the most dangerous slopes in the world. The runs are even named to suggest what you are in for when you ski. With names like Lobotomy, Pin Ball and Brain damage, the ski resort is known for extreme skiing.

There are thousands of feet waiting to be scaled and groomed by skiers this winter. The above options will get your heart rate up and give you that exhilarating feeling.