What Happened To AIM Online Chat Rooms?

If you were a teenager during the end of 90’s and 00’s, you had to have had a nickname for a chat room.

Chat rooms were so popular then and it’s no wonder because, as the technology was evolving, people had to communicate through internet somehow; and while the chat rooms were a perfect place to start a conversation with a stranger, it was also a matter of time when it will become history.

Introduction Of Social Platforms……..


Appearance of social platforms like Friendster, Myspace and Facebook, had basically shut down chat rooms overnight. It was a true revolution for all the chatters that it became a necessity to own a profile.

Myspace was a perfect place for creative people to shine with a chat window that was probably not used as much as it would be today, Facebook, on the other hand, is a composition of all in one place.


Image – MocoSpace Chat Rooms

There are a lot of chat rooms today still, but they are not as nearly popular as they were, and they probably never will be.

Although it seems there is nothing coming soon to replace Facebook, one question stands out: what will be the next version of chat rooms?!