5 Must Haves for Winter Camping

Winter camping is arguably one of the most intriguing and rewarding ways to experience nature, but at the same time it is quite challenging as well. Nature, despite being beautiful, can be quite harsh during winters, thus anyone who wants to go winter camping must be ready to face some pretty harsh conditions. Here the 5 must haves for winter camping to make sure your  trip goes smoothly.


It is essential to have a good winter tent, warmer than the summer one and also it is very important that it is water-proof. There are few worse things to imagine than being inside a tent that is cold and wet, being unable to keep yourself warm and spend hours and hours of frustration. Invest in a good tent in order to enjoy your camping to the maximum and avoid any such unpleasant events.


Clothing might seem like an obvious thing to bring with you, but you need to be ready to face harsh weather. It is very important to have not only sufficiently warm clothes, but also waterproof coats and of course waterproof shoes. Especially the latter, wet shoes can means frostbite and that you don’t want.

high quality flashlight

Lighting is crucial in any camping no matter the season, but especially during winter it is essential to have a high-quality flashlight and a stock of plenty of batteries. Remember that during winter nights are lot longer, thus flashlight will be used more often and running out of batteries is the last thing you want.

First Aid Kit

It is always essential to have a first aid kit with you when camping, but especially during winter you should have drugs to fight off a potential cold and other related problems. Make sure that you include some pain relievers and hot packs as part of your first aid kits.  Cold is a bigger threat this time of year than the prospect of getting an infection.


Remember that during winter, depending on the area that you chose to go camping, it is possible that you will face not only rains but also frequent snowfalls. You should have some basic tools with you that will help you have an easier time during camping. Specifically, it is a good idea to have a shovel with you in order to clear off your area in the case of severe snowfalls and also to have some chains for your shoes in the case of freezing conditions that cause too much ice.