How To Tow Your Car Safely

Taking an outing away from home with a camper or RV frequently means having to tow your car behind. It is preferable to bring your own vehicle for driving around when you arrive at your destination.

Driving a major RV is not always proficient or helpful. However, when you plan to take your own vehicle along, there are safety aspects that must be considered and fortified. Towing a car can be dangerous if not done legitimately.



Safety related issues ought to be your first need before you even leave your property. Obviously a considerable measure of auto towing is done in case of an accident. That sort of situation requires special attentiveness.

Make beyond any doubt the hitch is attached to the opportune place on the car. In the event that it is not in the right spot you can seriously damage the vehicle. It is not sufficiently just to tow a car by any part that you can get snared to.



Keep the car in neutral for towing. The wheels must have the capacity to move openly however you certainly would prefer not to leave the car in gear. Neutral is best for flexibility of development and it is much safe than having the car in a gear like drive or turn around.

On the off chance that you have to tow your car because of a break down or some type of accident, get the car off of the road first. It’s critical to make beyond any doubt you are as far on to the shoulder of the road as conceivable.

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When you have the car all snared legitimately and you are ready to go ahead, make beyond any doubt that you don’t drive too rapidly. It is ideal to maintain a steady speed while not surpassing the posted speed limits.

Inexpensive Ways To Add Value To Your Car Or Van

Your car is one of the most expensive items you will purchase in a lifetime.

Many consider it an expression of who they are and what type of person they are. For this reason, simply buying a vehicle is just not enough.

There are some tremendous must have car-upgrade accessories you will want to consider to build pimp your ride, many of which have been provided by window tint film Las Vegas

Stock stereos sound system:

The number one accessory to throw into your car is a sound system. Stock stereos can be decent depending on the vehicle, but it is not that expensive to upgrade to a higher quality audio system. This can allow you to easily connect your iPod to the stereo, get the desirable bass you have always wanted, or have a complete touch screen with digital surround sound.

Aluminum alloy wheels:


Now that you have the car rocking on the inside, next on the list of car accessories to purchase is custom wheels. Rims come in all shapes, sizes, colors and forms to help add to your overall persona. Not only will rims add style and attractiveness to the vehicle, but many will enhance the overall performance of your car. For instance, aluminum alloy wheels are lighter and stronger than steel thus increasing your gas mileage.

Exhaust muffler:

If you want to make a point about your vehicle and give it a tough feel, adding an exhaust muffler is the way to go, this will give your car the rumble you desire and a sexy look in the back.

Shift knobs:


Going back inside the car, shift knobs are toward the top of the list for many with car accessories. While it is certainly not a necessity, it is something that can add to the glamour of your car. With a plethora to choose from, you will have no problem finding something that is comfortable and smooth.

Customized dashboard:

Customizing your dashboard can help add to the overall feel of the car. You can change the color, style, and readings of the panel to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Although thousands of people may have the same car you have, few will have the custom dash you have put in.

Control is rear view cameras:


Another feature that will make your driving experience safer and easier to control is rear view cameras. Many hidden dangers and spots are hard to see behind you. Backing up can now be more natural more smooth process with the installation of rear view cameras, which are attached wirelessly to your license plate, while a video is displayed on your dashboard.

GPS navigation:

These come with smart phones, but it doesn’t compare to GPS navigation systems that are plugged into your cars system, integrated and with a large screen so you can see where you are going, while having both hands on the wheel, not fussing with your Smartphone you can choose to get Wi-Fi included or not

Bluetooth speakerphones:


The next cool and affordable accessory we recommend are Bluetooth speakerphones this equipment will make your safe enabling you to talk and connect over your phone, stream music through a wireless speaker that you can clip to your visor or clip in on your dashboard.

TV monitors:

In case of long distance drives, or for families with little kids, a great accessory that is also affordable is installing a couple of TV monitors or a small video entertainment system. DVD players and TV monitors can cost less in comparison to all out expensive systems that can run over a grand.

Remote start-up kit:

The final option to consider with car upgrade accessories is a remote start-up kit that has key less entry, this can be extremely convenient allowing you to start up your vehicle, lock it and unlock it without the use of a key at all. Simply push the buttons from afar, and you will be on your way. It can also increase the safety of you and your vehicle reducing the chances of someone breaking into the car