Can You Really Ruin Your Garden By Over Pruning?

Can You Really Ruin Your Garden By Over Pruning?

While people are pruning their trees, they actually think that they are maintaining them. But, most people don’t know when to stop, and instead over-prune their trees, which is not good for a tree’s health.


This over-pruning can be linked to myths like heavy pruning helps the trees to recover from injuries due to soil compaction and that it helps the turf to grow. Also, some people are guided by the old myth that one-third of the top growth must be removed while transplanting.

But these are all only myths, and only 20-30% of the foliage should be pruned per year, as specified by the TCIA’s standards. (Tree Care Industry Association)

Dangers of Over Pruning:

• Large/Numerous cuts lead to tree decay.

• Over pruning is detrimental to a tree’s food producing ability.

• Over-pruning means extra sprouting, which in turn means higher maintenance budgets.

• The damages caused due to excessive pruning pose a risk for the trunk to break due to wind stresses.

Tree specialists Arlington, TX Tree Trimming advise that a tree must never be over-pruned, no matter what you may have heard, as in addition to making the tree ugly, it causes excessive wounds to the tree that must be healed, increased chances of damage due to sun/wind/ice exposure, a decrease in tip growths, excessive sprouting and higher budgets for maintenance.

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